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Infinity Studio

Terminator: Dark Fate T-800 Life Size Bust

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Estimated Release: July 2023 - September 2023


A life size bust of Arnold Schwarzenegger as a Battle Damaged T-800 from Terminator: Dark Fate has been revealed by Infinity Studio. Unlike most collectible busts that feature just the head and shoulder, the T-800 bust is depicted from the waist up, but only includes a single arm. The battle damaged bust stands at 34″ tall on a dedicated pedestal. It uses medical grade platinum silicone for the skin, a prosthetic eye, hand-punched rooted hair, a light up LED left eye, a tailored fabric shirt, and an exposed metal arm. 


  • 34.09 x 22.44 x 25.19 inches (86.6cm x 57cm x 64cm)
  • Made of Medical Platinum Silicone, Polystone, Fiber, Fabric, PU Metal, LED Units
  • Cinematic level of crafting and texture on the Terminator arm
  • Detailed painting on scars and flesh
  • First light-up Prosthetic Eye applied on a collectible statue ever
  • Limited edition of 599 pieces
Terminator: Dark Fate T-800 Life Size Bust

Terminator: Dark Fate T-800 Life Size Bust